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About John Pizzolato

John Pizzolato is the current Program Manager, and former chairman and Town of Highland delegate for the  Upper Delaware Scenic Byway Committee. He is the co-founder and president of the Barryville Farmers’ Market, and serves on the board of directors of the Greater Barryville Chamber of Commerce and the Sullivan County Visitors’ Association. John is also a volunteer at the Yulan Food Pantry at St. Anthony’s Church. He has partnered with leaders and legislators of all political affiliations, and has worked tirelessly with the Town of Highland, the Sullivan County Planning Department, New York State, and Sullivan 180 to procure over $300,000 in grant funds and donations to improve river access and protections,  infrastructure, and to feed those in need. He was the 2022 Community Service Award Recipient  from the  Upper Delaware Council, and River Reporter’s “Best Public Servant” for 2021 and 2022.

John has also enjoyed a successful career in hospitality, public relations, event production, and marketing. He is the director of the International Playground public relations agency and branding agency, and with partner Roswell Hamrick, co-founded the Stickett Inn, in Barryville, in 2012, and the subsequent Stickett Inn Cider Company, in 2017, Stickett Inn East Village in 2021, and Barryville Oasis in 2022. He was the lead teaching artist for Bethel Woods P. L.A.Y. Music Theatre Program,  founded the bipartisan “Lifting Neighbors Party,” along with Margaret Granese and Laura Burrell, for voters and candidates alike to look past partisan politics for the betterment of the community in which we live.

John grew up in suburban Illinois, and moved to Long Island, in 1997, to attend Hofstra University, where he received a BFA in performance and production.  The son of a hardworking union electrician and United Way community organizer and advocate, John has never underestimated the value of hard work and volunteerism, and is dedicated to helping his community in any way he can.  He has proudly called Barryville home for eighteen years.

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Important Dates

September 22nd: Deadline to transmit ballots to eligible Military/Special Federal/UOCAVA voters.

Last day for board of elections to RECEIVE application or letter of application by mail or online portal for general election ballot. 

October 28th: Voter Registration Deadline Registration for General Last day application must be received by Board of Elections to be eligible to vote in general election.
Changes of address for General received by this date must be processed.

November 6th: Last day to apply in person for general election ballot.
Last day to apply personally for a Military absentee ballot for general if previously registered.

November 7th: Last day to postmark general election ballot. Must be received by the county board no later than Nov 14th.

lifting neighbors, a non-partisan effort

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